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Taylor Made

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gushing Mom Post - Uriah Updates

So I had intended that the purpose of this blog would be part journal, part baby book recordings. So this entry I will dedicate to Uriah!

Uriah makes 5 months tomorrow (really?! already?!). What a blur it's been! I absolutely cannot believe how much Uriah has grown and developed spatially, socially, etc in these 5 months! Physically, he is very sturdy, and a lot of people comment that he is a "big boy." He was in the 73% for height at his last check-up (I believe he was 25 inches), and 46% for weight (near 16 lbs). 

Uriah is a "social butterfly," and is socially advanced for his age (these were his pediatrician's comments at our last visit) and loves meeting new people. Uriah has been responsively smiling from 2.5 weeks old. He is a very happy, friendly, and calm baby, and almost every person who meets him or spends time with him comments these same sentiments. He has no problem going to new aunties or uncles, and honestly only cries when he is hungry, needed a diaper change, or is tired. After our first week of parenting (nightmare!), I have only had one instance where Uriah was inconsolably crying, and it only lasted about 40 minutes. KNOCK ON WOOD KNOCK ON WOOD KNOCK ON WOOD!!! Even if he wakes up during the night, he easily goes back to sleep either with a hand on the chest or a little nursing. 

Uriah with cousin Tepoe <3

My two sweeties! I love this picture.

Uriah sleeps very well, even considering moving cross country and jumping into a new timezone. Out of the three of us, he acclimated the easiest to our 5 hours ahead timezone. He generally goes to sleep later (10:30pm), which works for us because Rob and I currently go to sleep later. We do have intentions to start slowly moving his bedtime up earlier as Rob's hours become more permanent and Uriah's daytime naps become less frequent. He usually sleeps about 6 hours, will stir and need either a feeding or a little pat, and will continue sleeping on until about 845am. He gets up, eats, and often will fall back asleep until 11 or 12! He rarely slept this late in Hawaii, so I know there will still be some adjusting to go through.

He has not done a lot of rolling over ye (really only once or twice), but he does "half" roll-overs where he will turn on his side. I suspect that when we move into our new condo with a lot of spacious carpeting, he will spend more time on the floor and develop this skill. He does have great neck control, though, and is able to hold his head up independently. He also can prop himself up while on the floor. He also has VERY strong legs! (Ask Sophie, who inadvertently gets kicked all the time) He can "stand" on his legs with support. 

Uriah is very good at following sounds. TOO GOOD! I call him a busybody, because he is SO interesting in EVERYTHING going around him! I'll scold Rob if he starts playing a video on his phone or has the tv loud, because Uriah WILL be niele and want to see what's going on. (Who's that? What you watching? What you eating? What you listening to? Where you going?) I have found isolating him during nursing sessions and keeping it in a boring, dim room works the best. :) 

Uriah is an observer. That's another comment that consistently comes up as people spend time with him. Tutu Bird and Grandpa Kimokeo always mention how smart Uriah will be because he is always observing everything around him. I have to agree! Curiosity and wonderment are great contributors to intelligence. He is intrigued by everything he sees!

Uriah also loves music. Any music, really! He kicks his feet along to Daddy's rap and r&b, but will also sit quietly and listen to Grandpa Kimokeo's CD. In fact, we have found that a trick to calming Uriah when he is upset is playing Grandpa Kimokeo's 1st track on his CD, Pualeilani. Every time we play it if he is fussing, he will quiet down and listen. Tricks of the trade, tricks of the trade! He will also sing along with Mommy every now and then, which is just the cutest thing! 

Uriah has started reaching and grabbing items, and can now pick up his pacifier and put it in his mouth. Putting the RIGHT part in his mouth, we are still working on, but he will get there soon enough. He seems to want to be independent, as he always tries to hold his bottle while Rob is feeding him (I'd say he's been doing that for the last month and a half). While he can't hold it up yet, his hands do cup the sides of the bottle. 

Well Uriah is just starting to wake up from his nap, so that's my cue to wrap things up! We love our little boy and are excited to see how he develops even more in the next months. 

With Aunty Beth
With Aunty Hoku