Taylor Made

Taylor Made

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Odenton Visitor's Bureau

We have been blessed to have had so many visitors come out to see us in the time that we have been in Maryland! Our niece, Destiny, flew down from Michigan to stay with us for a little less than a week. It was so nice having her here!

For me, it was a chance to really get to spend time with Destiny and get to know her better. Whenever we have gone home to Michigan, it's usually been for a big holiday and while it's always a blast, there are so many people to mingle with that one-on-one time is a rarity! It was nice to be able to just hang out and talk story. We spent time going on a few walks, playing with Uriah, cooking (and eating!), getting our nails done, and going to the gym! It was awesome girl time, and Uriah did really well with her! We also were able to go down to the Baltimore Harbor where Destiny tried her FIRST raw oyster! She was a good sport, but it was her first and last oyster. (they were super delicious!)

We are already looking forward to her next visit :)

Our NEXT visitor was TAHANI! 

She came out for a few days because Shani was coming here for training in Virginia. Tahani came all the way from San Diego to spend Sunday with Shani, then drove to Odenton to spend some quality time with me until Wednesday night! It was SUCH a pleasant surprise; she on a whim had decided this just a few days before! I was so glad that our schedules were open and worked out! Now, what did we do? A lot of RELAXING!!! Since Tahani has moved to San Diego, her visits home have always been so busy, as she has so many people to see and things to do in such a short amount of time. We typically only got one dinner group date together, so it had been so long since we really got a chance to just BE and enjoy one another's company. We took it back  to the old days, and sat around and talked, ate, and watched some TV together. It was SUCH a good time, and was very renewing for our friendship. Don't get me wrong - we did take time out of our much ado about nothing schedules to enjoy some grinds!

Shani's training in Virginia happened to finish on her birthday, but there were no flights out to Hawaii that day. Rob and I drove out to Shani (it was maybe an hour half drive - not bad at all!) because:

1. Who wants to spend their birthday alone, in a random state?!
2. IT'S SHANI!!!!! In close proximity!!

We picked her up and got to eat dinner together. The food was SO YUMMY! we had lobster poutine fries, oysters, and crab cakes! It was good food, and good company - just how I like it.

Rob's fave flavor - superman!
Now Uriah's favorite flavor, too. LOL

We are so fortunate to have friends and family willing to come visit us! We definitely appreciate it, and feel the love!