Taylor Made

Taylor Made

Monday, December 14, 2015

Uriah is 6 Months!

Uriah just made six months! (jaw drops, cue flabbergast!) I cannot believe how quickly time has gone. It's a weird phenomenon when time feels like it stands still while simultaneously rushing by; I feel like I just had Uriah, but it also seems so long since I was pregnant...or slept an uninterrupted night :P But! enough about me! 

Uriah is progressing so well. He is so smart - and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom and am totally biased. He continues to be curious and observant of all things. Sometimes, it can be exasperating because he will find interest in EVERYTHING! If I am trying to lay him down on the bed, he will find the tag on the pillow and tug. I move the pillow, and his nail scrapes the sheets. What a FUN sound! (rapid "scrape! scrape! scrape! scrape!" successions follow) When you really think about it, though, what an exciting world babies are just discovering. Literally everything is brand new and uncharted territory. There is a beautiful innocence to the novel wonderment. He also had his six month shots recently (4 at once! yikes!), and while he cried, he recovered quickly and was just a little sleepy and out of it for the following two days. He is such a good baby.
poor little guy
4 shots - the plights of growing up!

Current stats:
Height - 90% of age group! He was 27.5 inches at his check-up

Weight - 37% of age group! Just under 17 pounds. He is long and lean! Still on the slender side, but his pediatrician is not concerned, nor are we, as his temperament is pleasant between feedings. Hopefully he keeps his svelte figure and doesn't have to try as hard as mom and dad to keep it off!

Head Circumference - of course he was in the 90%. People always are surprised he is only {insert whatever age here when they ask}, and I think it's because they see his big head! Luckily, he carries it well and I'm sure he will grow into that, too.
Things Uriah LOVES right now:
-Sophie. ALWAYS. They are joined at the hip. Of all of the family members, Sophie gets Uriah to smile the easiest and quickest. He just loves Sophie. Sophie is also strangely drawn to him. I say strangely because every time they are close, Uriah is pulling her hair, legs, etc. yet Sophie, like a moth to a flame, can't help but to go back for more. Das one potagee dog.

-Being read to. Uriah can sit through an entire book, riveted, just staring at the pictures, and feeling the pages. He also wants to eat the pages. Obviously, he is all about books for many reasons.


-Drinking water (we only give him little). He loves trying to drink from a cup, or our hydroflasks. We bought him a little sippy cup and I swear getting sips of water between his food is his favorite part of eating!
-Singing. Uriah will stop what he is doing and listen to music during a commercial, to a song playing on our phone, or when we are singing. He also loves to sing with me! I was able to capture a few videos of him singing with me. :)

-Jumping. Uriah has really strong legs and loves jumping up and down in his bouncer (thank you aunty Leihua Stewart!). He spends hours a day in there bouncing. I get tired just watching him!

-Being tickled. Uriah is very ticklish and loves being kissed on his cheek/neck, and tummy!

-Going for walks. Our community is so beautiful, and we have been really trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather and quiet neighborhood. I have been walking with Uriah almost every afternoon just to get us out of the house and looking at all of the beautiful things God created for us!

-Grabbing things. Little Mr. Grabby Pants grabs everything in sight. Sophie's hair, christmas tree, newspaper, phones, chargers, blankets, toys, really whatever is laying around he will grab it! He is a quick draw, too, so we always have to be prepared!

-Rolls over all day every day. Last update he was not yet rolling very much. Fast forward to now and he is a rolling fanatic. Back to front, front to back, he is all over the place! The curious nature helps because he will roll himself closer to things. 

-He also scoots backwards. Not a crawl, but we will place him somewhere and he will maybe end up a body length or two back from where he started! I know all of these things are precursors to crawling, and mischief!

-Eating pureed baby food! He is still predominantly nursing (and no supplementing! yay me!), but we have starting to incorporate pureed stage 1 foods (simple 1 ingredient veggie mixes) for fun. He had a rough time at first (even with Hanalei sweet poi!) but I mixed a little breastmilk with it and things have been going much better! So far, Uriah has tried poi, green beans, and sweet potato. Sweet potato appears to be the favorite of the bunch. Green beans easily the worst! Uriah still gets a formula bottle to go to sleep but other than that, it's me and the purees.

Let's get something straight: the smile is bc of Mommy, NOT the green beans!

-Recognizes his name.

-Recognizes Mom and Dad (and also recognizes and usually hates when they leave the room. Stranger anxiety, on its way!)

-Sleeping in crib (in our room, as he still gets up in the night to nurse)

Uriah continues to be such a friendly, happy, and pleasant baby. We are so blessed to be his parents!