Taylor Made

Taylor Made

Monday, May 30, 2016

KJP in da HOUSE! Another visitor = fun, fun, fun!

Things have been happily busy for us here, as we have had a steady stream of company since April! Kellijoy Perriton made a spontaneous decision to visit since she had a few days off! (She works as a flight attendant) She came down for three days, and we were able to do two days in D.C., as well as to enjoy some YUMMY crab, of course! We went to the white house, Lincoln Memorial, WWII memorial, and Vietnam memorial.  Day 2 we went to the Air and Space Museum, and the museum of natural history. We had a blast! (photos detailing blast below)

I was so excited to see Kelli; Kelli and I were on the same softball team in 4th grade, and then ran into each other all the time in high school at church functions since we were both in the Kaneohe stake. I haven't seen Kelli in years, so it was so nice to be able to meet up again, just talk story, enjoy ono food, and explore!

That is a bee that flew that close to my nose, unbeNOSEst to me. lol


pilot control center




I don't remember why we were doing this,
but it was really funny at the time. National high five day..? lol



I thought this would be fun. I was wrong.