Taylor Made

Taylor Made

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Uriah turns 1!...and then Uriah turns 14 months! (oops!)

I can't believe that Uriah is over 1 year old! And from the time I meant to do this blog, MORE time has passed and now Uriah is 14 months! I need to finish this entry already or the next thing I know, he'll be 18!

For Uriah's birthday, we kept it very low-key. Rob and I went to check out an Amish market (sidenote: it's AMAZING!!), and Uriah got a taste of some fresh churned ice cream! After that, we took Uriah to our condo's pool. He absolutely LOVES the water and is a total water baby.

We wanted to do a photo shoot for Uriah's 1st birthday, and decided to do a "cake smash." My friend Des (from high school, who happens to live literally 5 minutes down the road from us here!) is a photographer, and did Uriah's cake smash photos for us. He was very tentative with the cake, but the photos came out SO awesome! I'll post more once we get the retouched photos back!


At Uriah's 1 year appointment, here were his stats:

-Weight 19.14 oz.
-Height 30 3/4 in.

As per usual, he is on the lean side of the scale, but we are OK with that! He's a really good eater, and still continuing to grow at each appointment. 

He now has 7 teeth INCLUDING a set of molars on the bottom! Honestly, he may have even more at this point but it's hard to really get a look in there! We tried to take him to the dentist recently after he turned 1. I thought it would be good for us to have a dentist take a look and make sure that his teeth look good. Since he loves brushing his teeth, I thought Uriah would do well. 
I thought wrong.
He HATED it! It all started when they seated him next to this huge ceramic (and apparently menacing) bear, and he started crying. I knew then that it was going to be bad. The dentist ended up not doing much (I think they put fluoride on Uriah's teeth) since he was not happy. Rob and I decided we won't take Uriah back to the dentist for awhile so that we don't scar him for life!

Uriah's typical breakfast consists of TWO eggs scrambled in olive oil and a handful of spinach. He loves this breakfast! I'm glad that he loves spinach, too! He has gotten a lot better about eating most fruit (sliced grapes, apples, bananas, melons), and prefers fresh vegetables (cooked) to canned! He eats brown rice, and loves cheese as well as cottage cheese. The only thing he still regularly rejects is meat. We've only tried to give him ground turkey/hamburger and chicken so far, and it's really hit or miss as to whether he will be receptive or not. Mostly, it's not. I'm sure just like other foods, the texture and flavor of meat will take some getting used to! 

Uriah started walking at 12 months! That was such a cool, huge landmark to witness! AAAAAAAND then we got over it. LOL! Now that he's walking, he is loving his newfound height and expanded vantage points, and has since decided no toy will ever compare to the myriad fun that lies await in my kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, drawers, etc! Some of his ABSOLUTE favorite daily "toys" are my musubi maker, ladle, whisk, measuring cups, and potato masher. These MUST be played with at least 3 times every day. 

The following conversation is the conversation I reasonably expect is going on in Uriah's head, every time he heads to the kitchen drawers.

Uriah: Can the ladle fit in the musubi maker?! Lemme see!!!!  
Hmmm. No.
I'm surprised. 
I could've sworn it was going to fit. Oh well! Lemme just chomp on this potato masher real quick to make sure it's sturdy. Yup! My purpose here has been served. 
*discards now useless kitchen utensils*

--2 hours later--

Uriah: You know what? What about NOW?! I bet the ladle will fit in the musubi maker NOW! 
Hmmm...still no, huh? 
OK, maybe I'll just stick this measuring cup in here instead. 
JUST as fun.

--1 hour later--

Uriah: OK there is no way this ladle is not fitting in this musubi maker; obviously I was doing it wrong before.
See, now if I DO IT THIS WAY....are you kidding me?!
geez this thing is complicated. 
Forget it. I guess I'll just go unload the tupperware drawer now.

Which brings me to my next point: HE LOVES my tupperware drawer! Not so interested in banging pots and pans, but he LOVES my tupperware! Favorite pastimes include pulling out all of the tupperware, biting the tupperware, and trying to put lids on the tupperware. I HAVE noticed that (to my amazement) his brain understands differences in size, and while he still hasn't quite mastered the right lids for certain containers, he will usually grab a lid that is more or less the correct size (example: a very small lid for a very small container). I'm fascinating at seeing his problem solving skills at work!

Other skills/landmarks:
-waves bye
-says yeah, go, stop, set (ready set go), ok (otay), dada. and "oooooohhhhh." 
-sings along to some of his favorite songs: 
1 little finger
wheels on the bus
twinkle twinkle

One of the biggest recent transitions we've made is Uriah has finally moved into his own room! Hooray! We've been so busy with company, and trips that we've only been able to move him out this week (14 months), but it's been a smooth transition! It's definitely better for us, and he seems to be sleeping better in the other room, too (fingers crossed I didn't just jinx myself)

I know I've mentioned before how paradoxical time can be; on one hand, it seems like time has flown by, yet on the other, my non-Mom days literally feel like a lifetime ago. And I guess it was, really.

So much of my life has changed since becoming a Mom. I feel like I have "grown-up" a lot, both physically (as manifested by some new wrinkles, droopier and softer body parts, and this new trendy filter called "tired" I've been sporting daily) as well as mentally. I have learned greater patience, love, and a deeper level of joy and happiness than I have never previously known. Being a mother has also made me acutely aware of my own glaring faults (at least Uriah's still too young to point them out for me :P), but it has also made me determined to tackle these faults and hopefully turn them into strengths at a later point down the road.  I love my family and am so glad that we are all in this crazy life together <3


  1. What a FUN and FUNNY post!! I kept chuckling and laughing at the imaginary conversation going on in Uriah's head! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! So funny! Uriah is such a cutie and growing so fast. It was such a joy to spend those three special weeks with him. And you and Rob are such wonderful parents. I'm really proud of both of you -- from what I observed first hand while you were here, Uriah is one lucky boy! Love you all so much! XOXOXO

  2. lol at the part about uriah's thoughts in your kitchen!! hahaha. we sure love our 1 year old bebe boy!

  3. Great post! It's so good to blog so you won't forget anything. Nice work! I still love that first picture when he was just born with the 3 of you. So sweet!

  4. Great post! It's so good to blog so you won't forget anything. Nice work! I still love that first picture when he was just born with the 3 of you. So sweet!

  5. I love all the details you included in this! You're really going to appreciate it later. The pictures are so cute and I can't believe how much Uriah has already matured since then!

    I laughed at his daily "toys." And I could totally appreciate and relate to your "Mom moments." :)